What does this mean for us?

Accreditation helps us stay on the leading edge of veterinary medicine and provide the quality and range of services you and your pet deserve. We are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure we meet or exceed the over 1,000 standards. By making this commitment we believe that, not only do your pets get the best care possible, but our staff is proud to know that they are practicing quality medicine and care. Our staff also becomes more involved in the practice helping us to maintain and update our standards of care. With all these important aspects that AAHA gives to veterinary medicine, does it surprise you to know that the majority of veterinary hospitals are NOT AAHA accredited? Only about 14% of hospitals in the country are accredited, with PCAC being one of the only accredited hospitals in our area. So if you want peace of mind knowing you are getting the best care for your pet, Parker Center Animal Clinic’s AAHA accreditation can give you that.