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How to Get Your Cat to the Vet

You love your cat and you want to be able to provide the best healthcare possible. But you don’t want to look like you lost a fight to Edward Scissorhands. Your cat CAN learn to like her carrier which will make getting her to the vet much less of a chore. Here are some tips [...]

Financial Planning and Your Pet

Having a pet in your home and family is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. With advances in veterinary medicine, you can enjoy your pet longer and healthier than ever before.Many dogs in the United States now live to be 12 years or older, almost double the lifespan on most dogs in [...]

Pet First Aid

Step 1: Stay Calm Bleeding legs, trouble breathing, poison ingestion – all of these are scary but knowing what to do in an emergency can be crucial to saving your pet’s life. In an emergency, first aid is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. However, before you are able to get your pet to a [...]

Common Pet Poisons and Pet Toxins

It’s an all too common story…You get home from work and the bag of grapes/pan of brownies/bowl of rising bread dough you left on the counter is destroyed on the floor and the contents are missing. Your 65 pound lab wags its tail excitedly as he licks his chocolate covered lips and expects to hear [...]

A Guide on How to Remove the Pests from Fur

Finding out that your dog or cat has fleas can be stressful. Fleas are difficult to see due to their size, and they can jump as far as a foot, making it easy for them to spread to furniture, other animals, and people. Luckily, fleas are an extremely common household pest that can be dealt [...]

How to Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Leaving your pup alone for extended periods can be difficult, but it can be even more distressing for your dog. Some dogs experience separation anxiety, which can lead them to do all kinds of destructive things, such as chewing furniture, going to the bathroom in the house, and even harming themselves. Your dog’s reaction to [...]

National Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Now you may be asking, “why do veterinarians always make such a big deal about National Pet Dental Health Month?” Did you know your pet’s oral health can play a huge part in their overall health? So much so that dental disease has been linked to heart & [...]

Common Cat, Dog, and Pet Poisons and Toxins

There are lots of pet poisons and toxins, including ones that are familiar as common household products. Even products that taste bad can be appealing to your furry friends. Cleaning chemicals, glue, and other substances may have a nasty smell, but still draw pets to taste them because of their texture. Some substances, like glue, [...]

Flea and Tick Prevention Promotion

Starting this month, August 1, 2020- September 30, 2020, any purchase of Bravecto* will get you an entry into our drawing to win one of three amazing prizes: A Patio Umbrella with Lights, Outdoor Pool for Kids and Dogs, and a Double Camping Chair. See flyer for more details. While Colorado has not been known [...]


Welcome Back Starting June 1, 2021 In March 2020, our lives changed in many interesting, sometimes challenging, and sometimes beneficial ways. We appreciated everyone’s patience as we learned a new way to take care of you and your pets. But we are excited to see you and having you as a hands-on part of your [...]

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