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Feline Enrichment: Fostering Outdoor Behaviors Indoors

Cats are natural hunters with deeply rooted instincts similar to their wild counterparts. Indoor cats need opportunities to express their natural behaviors in a safe, enriching environment so they don’t develop common behavior problems, such as house soiling or housemate aggression. From hunting and scratching to socializing and foraging, here are strategies that the Parker [...]

5 Stress-Free Steps to Medicating Your Pet

You’re not alone if giving your pet their medication is a stressful task. Most pets resist taking pills, capsules, and other medications. While medications are necessary to combat infection, prevent diseases, manage medical conditions, and treat pain, your furry companion doesn't understand why they need these important drugs. Our Parker Center Animal Clinic team outlines [...]

Case Study: Unexpected Ways Your Veterinarian Can Help Your Pet

You know your Parker Center Animal Clinic veterinarian is your number one source for all things medical when it comes to your pet’s care, but did you know that we’ve also got a ton of tips to help your furry pal thrive in every aspect of their life? As veterinarians, we’re well-versed in many areas [...]

Does My Pet Have Periodontal Disease?

Has your pet’s smelly breath caused you to avoid their kisses? Have you noticed them chewing on one side of their mouth, or dropping their food on the floor? These signs can indicate your pet has periodontal (i.e., dental) disease. Dental disease affects two-thirds of the pet population in the United States, which is a [...]

Fact Versus Fiction: Unveiling Pet Nutrition Myths

To keep your furry pal in tip-top shape, you naturally want to provide them with the best. From treats and toys to wellness care and nutrition, sourcing the highest quality products and services can make a world of difference to your pet’s health and happiness.  When you search for the top, healthy-pet products, you can [...]

Pet-Safe Spoiling: A Guide to Safe Holiday Treats for Your Pet

The holiday season is a time of giving, and you naturally want to be generous with all your family and friends, four-legged ones included. While human family members may hope for a perfect pair of earrings or the latest technological tool, your pet has food gifts in mind. Tossing your pet scraps from your holiday [...]

7 Thanksgiving Pet Dangers to Avoid This Year

If you’re planning to overindulge at Thanksgiving this year, you aren’t alone. Most people eat a bit too much on this holiday in celebration of gratitude and family. While this is OK for humans, eating too many goodies can be dangerous for pets in a number of ways. The Parker Center Animal Clinic team wants [...]

Pet Birthday Party Do’s and Don’ts

Your pet is a beloved family member, so why not celebrate their birthday in style? Throwing a birthday party for your pet is a great way to mark another year spent with your furry pal by your side, but you should take precautions to ensure your pet enjoys the event and that everyone involved stays [...]

6 Must-Know Facts About Giardia in Dogs

Giardia is a microscopic parasite that causes large-scale discomfort for infected dogs, and can also affect humans. The Parker Center Animal Clinic team offers this guide for you to learn six giardia facts that every dog owner should know.  #1: Giardia is a protozoan parasite that causes intestinal infection in pets and people Giardia are [...]

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