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What Cat Owners Need to Know About Declawing

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats that can lead to shredded furniture and drapes. While some cat owners consider declawing to prevent the behavior, evidence suggests these procedures can cause long-term problems. Our Parker Center Animal Clinic team wants to offer information about declawing and to provide alternative procedures to help you live peacefully [...]

Halloween Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Pumpkins, corn stalks, and watching Hocus Pocus on repeat signal fall season’s arrival, and Halloween helps kick things off. Kids rejoice each year over the chance to dress up, have fun with their friends, and most importantly, collect boatloads of sugary candy. However, your pet may not feel the same joy about Halloween, and some [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Cats may seem pretty self-sufficient, especially compared with dogs, who need constant letting in and out, plenty of walks, and extra grooming help. Cats can typically tend to most of their self-care needs—but that doesn’t mean that your cat is low maintenance and doesn’t need a helping hand. Without adequate environmental enrichment, proper physical and [...]

The Great Pet Debate: Choosing the Best Time to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

You have a lot to remember when it comes to caring for your pet, especially if they are a puppy or kitten. During the first year of their life they will require multiple veterinary visits, training, and proper nutrition to support their growing bodies. Veterinary care decisions made during your pet’s developmental years can have [...]

Tiny Bugs, Serious Diseases: Parasitic Diseases in Pets

You cannot always see them, but tiny parasites can cause major illnesses in your furry pal. They can lurk in your pet’s fur, their intestines, their ears, and your carpet. While treatment often can be challenging, prevention is simple. Read on to learn about the most common parasites that may affect your pet, and how [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Traveling Pet Owners

Summer is a great time to take a vacation, and if you plan to take your four-legged friend, don’t forget to prepare appropriately. Traveling with your pet can be stressful if you don’t plan ahead. Our team at Parker Center Animal Clinic wants to help by offering do’s and don’ts to ensure a successful trip. [...]

Allergies in Pets: Seasonal and Beyond

Seasonal environmental allergies commonly cause hay fever in people, but pets express allergies differently—with itchy skin, chronic infections, and inflammation. Seasonal allergens include pollens, grasses, and molds, while other allergens, such as food, insects, and other pets, can cause year-round issues. Because most allergic pets have multiple triggers, and allergies can change or worsen as [...]

Heartworm in Pets: Mythbusters Edition

When the weather heats up, the mosquitoes come out. In humans, these pests are not only annoying, but can also carry and transmit deadly diseases, such as malaria and West Nile virus. They can also threaten your pet’s health by transmitting heartworm infections that may go unnoticed until permanent damage has occurred. Preventive medications have [...]

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