You know your Parker Center Animal Clinic veterinarian is your number one source for all things medical when it comes to your pet’s care, but did you know that we’ve also got a ton of tips to help your furry pal thrive in every aspect of their life? As veterinarians, we’re well-versed in many areas of pet care outside diagnosing and treating illnesses, and we can recommend ways to help your four-legged friend stay happy and healthy. 

Learn how our team can help care for your pet in unexpected ways by following our “case study” of a 5-year-old English bulldog named Bruno.

How your veterinarian can help with your pet’s behavior and training

It can be challenging to determine if your pet’s abnormal behavior or poor manners are triggered by inadequate training or an underlying medical condition. Fortunately, your veterinarian can eliminate or diagnose health issues as a possible cause, and then provide treatment if necessary.

Bruno’s case: As Bruno grew older, he seemed to become more anxious in new situations and his storm fear worsened. Without dedicated, ongoing management, anxiety in pets can escalate. To ease Bruno’s distress, we discussed lifelong positive socialization through gradual, rewarding exposure to novel and old stimuli. We also provided tips on how to desensitize Bruno to thunderstorms and other loud sounds, and prescribed supplements and medication to help keep him calm in the face of his fears.

How your veterinarian can help with your pet’s grooming

Proper grooming entails so much more than a simple brushing. To pamper your furry pal from nose to tail, you should also clean their ears, clip their nails, brush their teeth, bathe them, and perform any other hygiene tasks specific to your pet’s needs. Thoroughly grooming your pet may involve duties you may be unfamiliar with, but our veterinary team can show you how to correctly groom your pet. Additionally, if your pet is particularly resistant to nail trims and ear cleaning, we can prescribe anti-anxiety supplements or medication to ease the process.

Bruno’s case: As an English bulldog, Bruno was an allergy sufferer. Grass, trees, weeds—you name it, Bruno was likely allergic to it. For Bruno’s grooming sessions, we recommended a medicated shampoo and ear cleaner to soothe his inflamed skin, strengthen the skin barrier, and help prevent secondary infections.

How your veterinarian can help with your pet’s nutrition

High-quality nutrition can be the building blocks for a strong immune system and body and keep your pet healthy. However, choosing an optimal diet for your pet can be overwhelming, because so many flashy marketing gimmicks claim that their diet is best. When products are claimed to be holistic, organic, human-grade, or your pet’s ancestral diet, making the best dietary choice can seem impossible.

Fortunately, your veterinarian can recommend the best food type for your pet, based on their life stage, breed, body condition, and medical history. If necessary, we can recommend a prescription diet uniquely formulated to meet their health needs as part of a multimodal treatment plan.

Bruno’s case: As an allergy pup, Bruno’s nutrition needs to be on point to help prevent dermatological issues like skin inflammation and infection. We recommended that Bruno be fed a prescription diet to help keep his allergies under control, in addition to boosting his omega-3 fatty acid intake. And, since Bruno was a bit hefty, even for a bulldog’s stocky build, we devised a safe, healthy weight loss program with his new prescription diet.

How your veterinarian can help with your pet’s enrichment

While you may know which toy is your pet’s favorite, or what activity they will never turn down, your veterinarian can offer additional tips on further enriching your furry pal’s daily life. From novel feeding methods, to mentally stimulating games, we can provide new ideas to ensure your pet is never bored.

Bruno’s case: Bulldogs are not known for their athleticism, so Bruno’s owners had to be creative in devising physically and mentally stimulating activities that he could easily perform. Our team helped brainstorm fun indoor games, like an agility course and hide-and-seek with treats, to ensure Bruno received plenty of activity and enrichment. We cautioned Bruno’s owners to limit physical activity during hot or humid conditions, because of his brachycephalic airway. Pets with flat faces generally have breathing difficulties, especially in hot weather, and can rapidly overheat, so close monitoring is vital during any activity with a bulldog.

Never hesitate to ask your Parker Center Animal Clinic veterinarian for help regarding any aspect of your pet’s care. Our team is always here to help your four-legged friend thrive—just give us a call.