Letter of Interest

Your Letter of Interest or Cover Letter may be written in any format you choose, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to highlight the reasons you might just be the best fit for the position.  This is the opportunity to pull it all together.  If you’ve always done tractor work in a warehouse and are now applying for a position at our front desk, use this as an opportunity to tell us how your experience relates.

Your own cover letter can take on any form and convey any tone you choose.  We have some samples of ideas to consider below to get you started.

What Should be Included in a Letter of Interest
Your name and contact info
The date
What you are applying for
And why: why this field, position, or particular company interests you.
Anything interesting you’d like to draw attention to from your application
Anything that needs explaining (gaps, short stints, …)
How you intend to relate your past experience to the job at hand
Why this position works well timing wise in your life.