February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Now you may be asking, “why do veterinarians always make such a big deal about National Pet Dental Health Month?” Did you know your pet’s oral health can play a huge part in their overall health? So much so that dental disease has been linked to heart & kidney disease! We know that you care deeply about the wellbeing and comfort of your pet. Plus, getting kisses from a clean, healthy mouth is much more pleasant than the alternative!

In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, we want to introduce our brand new video: A Dental Day at PCAC. This short video shows first-hand (or first-paw) what it is like for your pet to get a dental procedure at PCAC from the pre-op bloodwork to going home. A special thank-you to Miss Ember for being such a good pup and wearing the GoPro.

This adorable kitty is Miss Nima. Cat owners know that our feline friends tend to be very stoic in their behavior. Often, they can “hide” issues and they don’t let on to their pain until the issue is very serious, especially when it comes to dental issues!

Miss Nima is no exception. Nima came to see us for an exam because her owner was concerned that she had started pawing at her mouth and was very reluctant to eat her kibbles. At her visit with Dr. Wheelis she determined that Nima had significant dental disease. We performed pre-operative bloodwork (so important!) and scheduled her dental procedure.

During her dental procedure, full mouth radiographs (x-rays) were performed. Multiple retained root tips were found under her gums in addition to bone loss of her jaw and tooth resorption, which is very painful for cats even if they can’t tell us so. We were able to extract all of those painful teeth while she was under anesthesia. Nima’s owner is happy to report that Nima is doing great and back to eating normally!

Nima’s owner loves her very much and hopes that sharing her story helps spread the word on the importance of pet dental care and prevents other kitties from having to go through the same discomfort that Nima experienced.

A very special thank-you to Nima’s owner for letting us share her story.

Homecare is a very important part of taking care of your pet’s mouth. We are offering 15% off all our dental products during the month of February, including dental chews, toothpaste, & water additives. When purchasing homecare products be sure that they are VOHC Accepted. The Veterinary Oral Health Council helps ensure that the dental products are safe & effective.

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