Dental Care

We Are Excited to Celebrate Your Pet’s Oral Health!

Pet dental health is an important part of your pet’s overall health. The bacteria that builds up during dental disease can enter the blood stream and lead to heart disease, kidney disease, and other problems. By removing painful teeth, dentistry can often improve your pet’s quality of life.

Pet dentistry at PCAC falls into two categories: Dental cleanings under anesthesia for routine prophylactic care, and Oral Surgery Procedures for minor to advanced periodontal disease. Both types of dental procedures include a complete oral exam with charting, ultrasonic scaling both above and below the gumline (where most of the disease is), polishing of the teeth, and fluoride treatment. Anesthetic dental procedures are necessary for all pets. Periodontal disease, broken teeth, and other issues can only be thoroughly examined and treated when your pet is relaxed and sedated. We do NOT recommend anesthesia-free dentistry.

A Note On the Benefits of Sanos

Surgical dental care is a big investment in your pet’s oral health. Maybe after scaling, polishing, and x-rays, everything is sparkling clean again and no treatments are needed this time. Or x-rays reveal some underlying problems and more extensive care is needed. Either way, you want to protect this investment you are about to make.

Sanos can best be described as a self-hardening liquid bandage device that helps aid in gingival and oral health. It creates a barrier at the gum line to prevent plaque and tartar build up. With no plaque, bacteria do not have a surface to live or thrive in. This reduces the proliferation of dental disease. The barrier lasts for 6 months and requires no at home maintenance or applications. However it can only be applied immediately following a dental cleaning. Consider adding Sanos to your pet’s dental procedure to extend the life of their sparkly white teeth and fresh breath.

Dental Care Services Include