Dangers of Anesthesia-Free Cleanings

We do NOT recommend anesthesia-free dentistry.

Although it may seem more cost effective, anesthesia-free dentistry is only a cosmetic change for a deeper issue. Anesthesia-free cleanings are…

Ineffective – This cosmetic-only service does not remove the plaque and tartar from below the gum line – where dental disease occurs!  Fractured, infected teeth and other issues are also ignored.

Dangerous – Sudden movements by an awake patient may result in injury to your pet as dental instruments are very sharp.  Also, without airway protection, your pet may breath bacterial-laden plaque and calculus into the lungs.

Stressful – Your pet cannot understand the procedure being performed and why he/she must be restrained for so long.

Painful – Without anesthesia or sedation, your pet feels everything.  Ouch!

Not a professional health service – Most people offering anesthesia free cleanings do not know how to safely use sedative and anesthetic drugs or how to monitor your pet under anesthesia. If you come across a company that says they will “anesthetize” or “sedate” your pet and they are not a licensed veterinarian, they may be putting your pet in danger.

Please talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s dental health. Our doctors are highly trained to understand the oral health of dogs and cats and can help you do what is best for your pet.