Pet Dental Cleanings and Oral Surgery

Oral care should start early in your pet’s life. By age 3, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some stage of periodontal disease. By brushing your pet’s teeth at home and committing to regular dental cleanings, you may be able to avoid the large costs associated with broken teeth, loose teeth, bone loss, and gingivitis seen in advanced periodontal disease. At Parker Center Animal Clinic, we offer “routine” prophylactic cleaning (pet teeth cleaning) and oral surgery for more extensive dental disease. Your veterinarian can make a recommendation based on examining your pet’s teeth. Please know, we can only make an educated guess as to what level treatments your pet will need. A thorough assessment will be made once your pet is sedated.

Dental Cleanings

Level 0 – Preventative Maintenance | Cost $395


  • Pre-operative blood coagulation profile
  • Pre-anesthetic exam
  • IV catheter and fluids
  • Pre-anesthetic sedation and pain medication
  • Anesthetic monitoring (inc. ECG, O2 saturation, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Full mouth radiographs
  • Hand and ultrasonic scaling
  • Periodontal probing and charting
  • Antibiotic injection
  • Nail trim
  • Home care kit
  • Detailed home care report

Who is this recommended for?

For pets with minor periodontal disease who may have teeth that are missing or with moderate calculus where we are unable to determine if there is an issue underneath. Preventative maintenance is also recommended for adult pets who, although only have mild periodontal disease, have never had a dental cleaning or at home care. Any pet that has underlying illness or disease that needs to be closely monitored or breeds that are predisposed to anesthetic complications (i.e. smush-faced dogs and cats, greyhounds, etc.)

Why can’t my pet just get his teeth scraped?

This procedure requires pre-anesthetic bloodwork that helps us determine your pet’s underlying health and safeguards your pet while undergoing anesthesia. Putting your pet under anesthesia and placing an IV catheter allows us to closely monitor your pet’s vital signs using advanced monitoring equipment. We are also able to maintain your pet’s blood pressure using IV fluids which keep the kidney’s functioning properly. In the event of an emergency, having an IV catheter can help us administer medications quickly and efficiently. Under anesthesia, we are able to take x-rays of every tooth, detecting underlying problems that may be painful to your pet. If nothing is found on the x-rays we still have a great baseline of what your pet’s teeth look like when they are healthy so if a problem comes up we can easily tell where and what the issue is.

  • Pre-operative bloodwork is REQUIRED for the health and safety of your pet. Costs will vary based on age and health status.

What happens if a problem is detected?

Under anesthesia, if a problem is detected we can take care of it at that time. We will call you with the information and discuss the cost associated with taking care of the problem teeth.

Oral Surgery

For your pet, dental disease can be painful and can cause illness throughout the entire body. Dental disease is a build-up of bacteria in the mouth that causes infection.  Oral Surgery procedures are classified as Level 1 through Level 4, Minor Periodontal Disease though Extensive Periodontal Disease.

Included in All of Our Oral Surgery

  • Pre-operative blood coagulation profile
  • Pre-operative exam
  • IV catheter and fluids
  • Pre-anesthetic sedation and pain medication
  • General anesthesia with comprehensive monitoring including ECG, O2 saturation, blood pressure, etc.
  • Hand and ultrasonic scaling and polishing
  • Periodontal probing and charting
  • Full mouth radiographs (x-rays)
  • Local nerve blocks for extractions
  • Antibiotic injections
  • Class IV laser therapy
  • Pain medications to go home
  • Antibiotics to go home
  • Nail trim home care kit
  • Detailed home care report

The number and complication of the teeth that need treatment will determine the level of the procedure needed for your pet. Treatments can include extraction, Doxirobe gel (antibiotic gel to treat pockets around loose teeth), and/or bonded sealant (seal placed over pulp cavity of a broken or chipped tooth to prevent infection from entering).

Additional treatments may be recommended but are not included:

  • Pre-operative bloodwork – this is REQUIRED for the health and safety of your pet. Costs will vary based on age and health status.
  • Sanos application – a bacteria and plaque barrier that lasts for 6 months and reduces infiltration of bacteria under the gumline
  • Synergy application – a synthetic bone graft used in cases of severe bone loss

Level 1 – Minor Periodontal Disease | Cost $595

Includes up to 2 single root tooth extractions or treatments

Level 2 – Moderate Periodontal Disease | Cost $870

Includes up to 4 extractions or treatments

Level 3 – Severe Periodontal Disease | Cost $1245

Includes up to 8 extractions or treatments

Level 4 – Extensive Periodontal Disease | Cost Variable Depending on Treatments

Max cost $2370. Includes treatment or extraction of any and all teeth as needed.