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Since Your Pet Can’t Tell Us His Left Kidney is Enlarged

Routine (preventative) blood work provides a more complete picture of our pets’ health since symptoms are often not apparent until advanced stages of many diseases. We offer complete blood work including CBC’s, chemistries, heartworm tests, and drug maintenance screening.

  • Early Renal Disease screening (ERD) can tell us if your pet is at risk for kidney disease.
  • Blood Pressure screening will give us information related to your pet’s heart and kidney function.
  • A tonopen will measure the pressure in your pet’s eyes to check for glaucoma.
  • Our digital x-ray, in-house digital ultrasound, and video otoscopy are available to aid in quickly diagnosing and treating your pet should the need arise.

Digital Imaging (X-Ray)

What Is It?

X-ray (radiographs) allow us to take an in depth look at what is going on inside your pet. It can show us broken bones, foreign objects, bloat, hernias, and so much more. Digital x-ray is an advancement over the outdated film that needs to be developed.

What are the Benefits?

Besides the improved environmental impacts of not using film and the chemicals required to develop x-ray films, digital x-ray also allows us many diagnostic advantages. With digital x-ray, our doctors may enlarge images and adjust contrasts to better diagnose. Additionally, digital x-ray allows us to e-mail x-ray images to specialists for faster consultations allowing us to promptly begin treatment. Our digital dental x-ray allows more comprehensive dental care for your pet.


Bladder Stones


Broken Femur


Ingested Rocks


Ultrasound can show us detailed images within your pet without having to start with surgery. This non-invasive tool is used to diagnose diseases of the kidneys, liver, spleen, bladder, and more. It is also a sensitive way to evaluate pregnancy in the early stages of development.

Ultrasound is particularly useful for viewing soft tissue structures within the abdomen. While ultrasound is similar to x-ray, in that we are able to see structures within the body, the ultrasound tends to be more precise for soft tissues. Taking an x-ray can give us a general idea of what is going on within the body, but an ultrasound provides us with vital information of what is going on within an organ; “the trees within the forest”.

Dr. Mark Motichka and Dr. Jim Noone have undergone specialized training so they can offer this diagnostic tool for your pet while you are at our hospital.

Video Otoscopy

What Is It?

For pets that have chronic ear infections or are uncomfortable with routine ear examinations, video otoscopy can help capture the big picture quickly and clearly. It also allows you to see what the doctor sees during a thorough ear examination since the video is shown on a large screen.

How Can it Be Useful?

It is used to diagnose ear infections, foreign bodies (foxtails, grass awns, etc.), mites, etc. The magnification provides better ear canal visualization improving diagnostic capability, and at the same time providing client education. Scratching at ears, foul smelling ears, and shaking the head are all signs of an ear infection, and an exam is recommended. Please let us know if you would like more information about video otoscopy.

“Everyone is friendly and professional. I know my dogs are treated well whenever they receive care out of my sight. I am given sufficient time to ask questions and never feel rushed like I do with my own doctor. Thanks to everyone!”

Lettie Hubbard

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