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PennHIP Radiographs

The PennHIP method is a novel way to assess, measure, and interpret hip joint laxity. It consists of three separate radiographs to capture precise measurements for laxity and congruity. The PennHIP technique is the most accurate method the test for joint laxity and it has been shown to be a better predictor for the onset of OA. Dr. Noone is certified to perform these radiographs that DO require sedation.

OFA Radiographs Without Sedation

We understand how valuable your pet is, and realize that you do not want your pet sedated if it does not need to be. Our experienced certified veterinary technicians led by our veterinarians perform most OFA hips and elbow radiographs without sedation using advanced, digital radiology. We are experienced in the transmission process, and our veterinarians can review the radiographs with you so that you are not submitting them unnecessarily.

OFA Hypothyroidism Screening

We provide sample submission for the OFA Thyroid Panel. The OFA recommends testing for the presence of thyroglobulin autoantibodies (the marker for autoimmune thyroiditis) annually up to age four and every other year thereafter. Autoimmune hypothyroidism is the most common cause of primary hypothyroidism in dogs.

Advanced Digital Ultrasound

Dr. Motichka and Dr. Noone have advanced ultrasound training and can offer you in-house ultrasound capabilities. A digital ultrasound provides you early pregnancy detections and the convenience and peace of mind when you need it most.

Digital Radiology

With our digital radiology, you can establish the number and size of the fetuses your dog or cat is carrying.

Emergency Cesarean

We hope that each of your whelping experiences goes without incidence, but should you need us, we can perform emergency cesareans to help protect the life of your animals.

Progesterone Levels

Using an outside lab we are able to check progesterone levels. In-house we can perform vaginal smears, pregnancy checks, and more.

Tail and Dewclaws

Tail and dewclaw removal can be scheduled with any of our doctors at 3-5 days of age. Please note, we do not perform ear cropping procedures though we will change ear wrap bandages.

“Everyone is friendly and professional. I know my dogs are treated well whenever they receive care out of my sight. I am given sufficient time to ask questions and never feel rushed like I do with my own doctor. Thanks to everyone!”

Lettie Hubbard

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