Spay and Neuter Surgery

Congratulations for making the decision to spay or neuter your pet!

Your pet is safe in our hands

Our advanced anesthesia protocols allow us to perform your pet’s spay or neuter surgery using less anesthesia, making it safer for your pet. At PCAC, every patient will have:

  • Blood work prior to anesthesia so that we can tailor the anesthesia to their specific health needs.
  • IV catheter and fluids to make it a safer experience – maintaining their blood pressure throughout the surgery and protecting their kidneys.
  • Advanced pain management protocols to minimize your pet’s discomfort. Your pet gets pain medication before their surgery, during their surgery, and after their surgery at home.
  • Laser therapy at every surgery site to help reduce pain and improve healing.
  • A certified veterinary technician dedicated to monitoring your pet throughout anesthesia AND a certified veterinary technician dedicated to caring for your pet throughout their recovery.  See What To Expect to see what happens while your pet is here.

You can be comfortable knowing you made a great choice

We use both phone calls and text messages (with pictures) to keep you updated about your dog throughout the day. We ONLY perform laser surgery for your pet’s spay or neuter for less pain, less bleeding, and less bruising of the tissues.  For the best option, choose laparoscopic surgery for your pet’s spay.

What is Laparoscopy?

Available for spays, gastropexies, and some other surgeries – laparoscopy offers the best surgery option for pets.  The surgeon performs the surgery using a camera and tools inserted through a dime-sized hole.  Benefits are:

●Much Less Pain

●Less Bleeding

●More Precision

●Easier Recovery

Parker Center Animal Clinic is proud to be the only general practice veterinary hospital in Parker to offer such advanced technology as laparoscopic surgery for your pets.