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About Tightrope CCL

Dr. Mark Motichka, medical director at Parker Center Animal Clinic, completed Tightrope surgery training through Arthrex in 2007 and is pleased to provide this latest surgical technique for canine patients in the greater Denver, Colorado area. Whether you suspect a CCL (ACL) injury in your dog, or your dog has already been diagnosed and you are exploring options, please feel free to contact us. Please call us at 303-841-8833 for more information or call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Motichka.

What is Tightrope CCL?

The Tightrope CCL (aka ACL) surgery technique is the latest advancement for the repair of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) in dogs (sometimes referred to as the ACL). It is an effective alternative to the traditional extra-capsular repair method or the TPLO technique. While the Tightrope technique is newer to veterinary medicine, similar methods have been used in human medicine for some time and have proven safe and effective.

The Tightrope CCL repair technique was developed by Dr. James Cook and uses a unique FiberTape implant produced by Arthrex Veterinary Systems.

What are the Benefits?

Because the FiberTape is attached through the bones of the joint, providing bone to bone fixation, the Tightrope technique most closely mimics the natural function of an intact CCL. FiberTape is stronger and less likely to stretch than the material used in the traditional extra-capsular repair technique.

The Tightrope surgery technique is less invasive than the TPLO surgery technique – which involves cutting bone.

What is the Recovery?

Similar to any of the other options, recovery and physical therapy takes about 8 weeks. For the first 2 weeks your dog will be in a soft cast to minimize movement and allow proper healing of the incision. Over the remaining 6 weeks you will be asked to assist your dog with low-impact physical therapy exercises. Your dog will need to be kept clam and quiet during the recovery period and you will be instructed on the level of activity allowed per week. We will help you through this period and perform recheck examinations to check the healing process and to answer any questions or concerns.

“Everyone is friendly and professional. I know my dogs are treated well whenever they receive care out of my sight. I am given sufficient time to ask questions and never feel rushed like I do with my own doctor. Thanks to everyone!”

Lettie Hubbard

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