Dr. James Noone


Dr. Jim Noone is wise and experienced, anything that comes in, he has likely seen before.  He is never spotted without his cup of coffee in hand, and is happy to lean back and tell stories about growing up on the farm.  His kids (Jodi, Kimberly, Mike, and Casey) are grown, and he and his amazing wife Tonya have lots of furry kids at home including Bianca – a Boxer/Lab mix, Diesel – a Min Pin, Tater – a mutt, Tommy Cat, and Gibbs.

Dr. Noone graduated in 1977 from Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine (K State) and then completed an internship at CSU.  He served as president of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association in 1998.  His experience and interests are too vast to list them all, but they include ultrasound and dentistry in addition to general medicine.