Dr. April Larson

Homemade slime has become a popular activity for children and adults alike. Dogs also seem to enjoy the taste of it and this can be dangerous to their health. Symptoms of homemade slime ingestion can be varying due to the different ingredients and recipes people use. In rare cases (1 reported by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center) it can be fatal. Some ingredients (like glitter, shaving cream, starch, and white glue) are generally considered to be non-toxic and may cause a mild upset stomach. Some other potential ingredients can cause more severe issues.

Laundry detergent: This can be very dangerous, especially due to its ability to cause severe inflammation in the lungs if a dog vomits up the slime and then aspirates (breathes it in) into their lungs.

Salt: More commonly found in salt dough ornaments and homemade play dough, it is still in some slime recipes. If consumed in excess it can cause “hypernatremia,” or elevated sodium levels in the body, that can result in excessive drinking, urination, lethargy, upset stomach, and in more severe cases tremors and neurologic signs (seizures, incoordination).

Borax: At lower doses this ingredient usually will cause mild upset stomach, but at high doses it can be damaging to the kidneys.

While homemade slime is fun to make and play with, make sure to keep it away from your pets! Keep it stored in closed containers out of reach as they may seek it out if it tastes yummy.